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Send shipping updates, delivery reminders, payment reminders and other notifications on WhatsApp using SalesTown

Send Whatsapp Notifications
Customer Support on WhatsApp
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WhatsApp Enabled

Provide realtime support to your customer over most suitable communication channel

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Build your AI enabled ChatBot

Using SalesTown automation you can create your own Chatbot within 5 minutes

WhatsApp Chatbot builder

The Power of most advance CRM software is in your pocket now

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Benefits of using WhatsApp

Minimum 25% increase in convertion ratio.

High Open Rates

Highest Open Rates

Over 98% open rates

Better Read Ratio

Best Read Ratio

Messages are read within 5 seconds

Brand Recall

Top of the mined Brand Recall

Brands have a better recall

Rich Messaging

Messages that works

Supports Images, Videos & Rich Buttons

Customer Preference

Customer Preference

Most preferred communication channel

Higher Response Rate

Highest Response Rate

High response rates, better experience

Grow you Business with WhatsApp Business Solution


Typically replies within 4 mins.



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