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"Close more deals than ever with our automatic lead capture, in-built activity scheduler, smart alerts with push notification features"

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"Best Centralized Solution for your Leads , Sales, Customer and Support related issues"

Not Just Another Email, SMS Broadcasting Service

Leverage the power of industry-leading AI-enabled Email, SMS and WhatsApp Marketing, which not only delivers the content but also respond based on customer's behaviour.

Ask Me Any Thing Leads Essentials Mail Contacts Activity Contact Made Needs Definde Proposal Made Negotiations start Lead In Rs 50000 Rs 40000 Rs 40000 Rs 57000 Rs 51000 Free CRM Software for Small Business Free CRM Software Rs 10000 Free CRM Software for Small Business CRM Software Rs 8000 Sales CRM Software Sales CRM Rs 9000 Sales CRM Sales CRM Software Rs 10000 Pipeline Management Software Lead Pipeline Software Rs 2000 Sales CRM Software Company CRM Software Company Rs 20000 Best Sales CRM Software Company Best Sales CRM Rs 20000 Online Sales CRM Software Company #1 Rated Sales CRM Rs 10000 #1 Rated Sales CRM Software Company Online Sales CRM Rs 20000 Lead Management CRM Software Free CRM Software Rs 10000 Free CRM Software for Small Business Lead Management CRM Rs 10000 Sales CRM Software Pipeline Management Rs 1000 Sales CRM CRM Software Rs 20000 Pipeline Management Software CRM Software Company Rs 1000 Sales CRM Software Company Sales CRM Software Rs 20000 Best Sales CRM Software Company CRM Software Rs 13000 Online Sales CRM Software Company CRM Software Company Rs 7000 #1 Rated Sales CRM Software Company Online Sales CRM Rs 20000 Lead Management CRM Software Free CRM Software Rs 7000 Free CRM Software for Small Business Free CRM Software Rs 20000 Add Lead Pipeline Pipeline Setting Filter 3 2 1 Customize Your Pipeline Stage Customize Pipeline Stage You can customize the pipeline stage by clicking on 'Pipeline Setting' and change the name of any stage as desired and also alter each stage on the basis of its chronological order X Contact Made Save Cancel Mark as done Current Pipeline Name Call Done Change With Add New Lead Organization Name Organization X Contact Person Name Person Lead Title Title Lead Value Pipeline Value Who Can View Owner Organization address Contact Person Email Contact Person Phone Contact Person Designation Add Lead Close Add Custom Field Form Custom Field Setting Customize Field Add a new Lead hassle free directly by clicking the icon and save details for future references. Also, customize and adjust the level of pipeline stage according to your clients position in the deal! Owner All open leads All won leads All lost leads Filter Customize Filter This function lets you filter two things which is 'User' and 'Leads'. You can now filter your Users against the required Lead i.e Won, Lost, Open and Deleted Lead.

A CRM that smartly supervise and plan your next Sales Activity

Automatic sales calendar based on scheduled sales Activity with active reminders over mobile and computer to ensure accomplishment of sales Activity on time, every time.

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It takes months to find a customer, Seconds to lose one

SalesTown's inbuilt helpdesk empowers you to provide prompt service and support with best in class UI and optimum flow to increase your customer satisfaction rate.

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Ask Me Any Thing Leads Essentials Mail Contacts Activity Daily Sales Activity Report Activity Added Activity Completed Activity Insights Last 30 Days Activity count 12 9 6 3 0 Call Meeting Task Email Added Completed Compare Activity count 12 9 6 3 0 Call Meeting Task Email 01 Jan 2020 - 31 Dec 2020 01 Feb 2020 - 26 Jan 2020 52.2% 33.3% 17.4% 13.0% 17.4% Call Meeting Task Email Call Meeting Task Email 16.7% 16.7% 33.3% 52.2% Call Meeting Task Email Lunch # Purpose Deal Note Complete Added Date 1 Sales Lead Manage Call to Neeraj for contract 16 Jan 2020 16 Jan 2020 1 Sales Lead Manage Call For Deal 18 Jan 2020 16 Jan 2020 1 Sales Lead Manage Call For Lead 16 Jan 2020 16 Jan 2020 1 Sales Lead Manage Call for Design 17 Jan 2020 16 Jan 2020 1 Sales Lead Manage Call for contract 20 Jan 2020 19 Jan 2020 Last 30 Days

Automate & eliminate lead leakage

By using SalesTown inbuilt automatic lead collector you can collect all your leads from various lead source like WhatsApp, Facebook, Adwords, your website, Instagram, IndiaMART, Alibaba automatically into SalesTown.

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Close more deals than ever, automatice lead captures,in-built phone,smart alerts with push notifcations.

We use Latest "AI" Infrastructure which is been
trusted by HUGE companies like:

Best CRM Software For Small Business

Less Effort High Result

Manage Every Lead

Increase Conversion Ratio by regular Follow-ups & Tracking of Lead.

Control Over Leads & Contacts of Sales Team and Automatic & Eliminate content.

Automatic Backup data and contact management of every sales manager which results in less dependency over sales People

Mobile App & Integration To Work on Go

Access SalesTown from your mobile devices from anywhere across the world.

Automatic & Eliminate

Automate your day to day sales process with SalesTown to focus on things which matter (getting more leads)

Privacy & Security

We promise full transparency and peace of mind on when and how your business data is used.

In-depth Analytics & Report

View important reports like Daily Sales Activity Report, Lead Report , Plan Actual Report.

“Sometimes, due to high demand we end up losing track of our potential clients and what they want. Thankfully, we came across SalesTown which not only works as an efficient CRM but also helps with Business Automation”

Gaurav Juneja - Director (Hariom Electronics)

“If you are a small or medium scale business, I would recommend SalesTown because it’s just what you need!”

Anshul Goel - Director (Brahma Gems)

“After using SalesTown all my marketing sales and support can be managed from a single place and all my leads are automatically nurtured. Highly recommended product.”

Abhinav Batra - Director (Meltron)


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Flexible free trial Cancel or switch plans anytime All plans includes premium support

Starts as low as
Rs. 349 /User/Month Start Free trial
Log in the Lead
Lead Allocation
Auto Lead Capture
Pipeline Management
Activity Scheduler & Calender
Manager User Permissions
Reminders & Notification
Activity Log
Email & Calender Sync
Report Dashboard
DSAR & Lead Report
Import/Export Data
Help Desk Support
Lead Lost/Won Check
Recycle Bin
Cloud Storage
Quotation Management
Product Management
Client Retention
CRR Activity
Prospect Management
Prospect Conversion to Lead
Goal Creation
Goal Allocation
Goal Monitoring
Custom Work Flows
Team Management
Team Monitoring
Security Log
Approval Management
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Lots to Love . Less to Spend

Things you find only in SalesTown-Best CRM Software

"Close more deals than ever with our automatic lead capture,in-built activity scheduler,smart alerts with push notification features"

Here's what we've got for you:

  • WhatsApp Integration (Know more)
    • WhatsApp (Sync your WhatsApp Account)
    • Automatically send and receive WhatsApp Message within your Lead
  • 360° Marketing || Sales || Support Automation
    • All in one place solution to increase your Sales
    • Account and Inventory coming soon
  • Automatically add lead from more then 45 major lead sources
    • Automatically lead collector from whatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Indiamart, TradeIndia etc.
    • Automatic lead distribution and scoring
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Hassell Free Data Migration
Export Every Lead || Activity || Contact || Organization From Leading CRM To SalesTown Within 10 Mins With No Loss on Data

Stay Connected with all your leads across all lead sources.

SalesTown CRM software helps you connect you with your clients in an omnichannel mode. You can import all your social media leads to this centralized platform and also:

  • Monitor social media channels for mentions
  • Stay in touch with customers with an omni-channel approach

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