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Email sync

This email syncing is one of the great features of Sales Town that allow users to customize their best CRM software to manage their business. It allows admin and other regular users to send and receive emails direct on the Sales Town.

User feel more convenient using the email syncing feature, they can directly send emails to the person by direct click on the send email from detail view. The email address will be automatically added to the “To” section.

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Here you also get a separate inbox where you can manage your entire emails- send and receive. User can also send email from here.

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You can organize your email accordingly, change its font, size and manage its alignment. It is much like your own email inbox. Click on the compose button, write body for the email, add attachment, images and send it to the respected person.

  • To sync your email, go to the account settings, choose email sync then select to synchronize your account.

The email will be synchronized after your account is connected with Sales Town, it will not show you your previous emails. Mark your important emails separately so you can differentiate them.

Email privacy and sharing email in Sales Town

We understand how important is an email for business user or company needs therefore Sales Town only allow the users to change their email address. Even an admin can’t change users email address.

This doesn’t mean, other can’t see your email address, if you are working with your co-worker on the same deal, you can see each other email address but can’t change it no matter what permission is enable to the user.

  • The email you send will be set as shared.

  • The email will link to a lead or contact.

  • The other user has only visibility access to the email address.

How can I set up the Email Sync?

To setting up your business email address with Sales Town you can simply follow the steps.

  • On the Account Settings, go to the Email sync and select your account to sync.

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All email will be synced over Sales Town also with your main email domain.

While syncing your account you’ll be asked to choose from when you want to sync your email account.

  • If you choose Now, only new email will be shown on Sales Town.

  • If 1 month, 3 month or 6 month is chosen, all the previous email will also sync with your best CRM software.

How can I choose which emails I want to sync?

To sync your email address with Sales Town, you should add your working email address.

There is no need to add your personal email address, sync only that email address where you receive emails related to your business and Sales Town.

How are emails threaded in Sales Town?

The threads show entire conversation in the Sales Town you have with a particular person.

In a trial month user are allow to fully access the best CRM software. Once the trial is over user have to subscribe for the standard plan to continue access the email sync feature.

For an easy work flow, we suggest you to send emails direct from Sales Town.

Can I sync multiple email address to one user?

No, you can’t sync multiple email address to one user. Even you have subscribed to the highest subscription plan; user still can’t access multiple emails.

A user can only access a single email address in Sales Town at a time.

What is the difference between an email provider and an email client?

Don’t get confuse with the term email provider and client, both has different meaning and process. In the Sales Town most users put query regarding the email provider and email client so here we are with a solution.

Email client is a program that allows people to access their service and communicate through an email.

Email provider is a company or organization that provides backend services to people regarding to send, receive or store emails.

We provide Google and outlook integration where user can easily manage their account direct from the Sales Town web page and mobile app.


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