Privacy & Security

We understand who important the data of a lead is for a company; therefore we ensure you a great shield from the data leaking. In our CRM Sales, all the authority has defaulted to the admin user.
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Privacy & Security- Utmost Priority

Salestown CRM security management is an expression to create and maintain an effective and trustworthy CRM system.It is very much committed to the privacy and security of any personal information that is captured in its data about the user. It follows adequate measures to ensure protection against user’s information.

Security Based On Records

Salestown CRM offers effective and powerful tools that allow you to manage access and privileges within your records. You can also set security for every record individually which enables you to restrict or allow role–based access to your team and end user.

For example, sales managers being an admin can fix the range of visibility of every individual in the sales team as per their job role requirement with respect to leads, reports ,pipelines and billing details.

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Why is privacy & security important?

It is too important for an organization to understand the information in its system and manage who all has access to it otherwise the company may fall into numerous risks.In this competitive world no organization would like to lose their customer’s trust by risking their personal data as it can hamper business and call for the legal activities. So with every new breathe, every organization opts for changing and reviewing the ways regarding how they are doing business online and how is privacy & security taken in consideration. Common Changes may include under mentioned variables

  • Optimizing the security levels to prioritize the safety against user’s data.

  • Ensures that every user can avail custom privacy and security management to allow and restrict permissions to their team members in a specific way.

  • Better safety measures will always attract customer’s attention to consider online environment safe.


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