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Prioritize your qualified leads according to their profile, behavior, and performance
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Not all leads are created equal and the same goes for sales-qualified leads. You may believe that once a sales-ready lead finally makes it into the hands of a rep, prioritization is complete. Unfortunately, that isn’t true.

Fortunately, Salestown will help every client to prioritize their leads based on their quality standards.

Salestown will allow you to identify the qualities you’re looking for, to ensure your leads are qualified. A good place to start is by mentioning your qualifications regarding leads, as it’s about determining which leads are a good fit for your business. Using these to find out who is most likely to 'buy' your services makes perfect sense. You can take a look at a lead and decide if they fit the mold of your buyer persona.

When it comes to choosing a lead based on the parameter of fit and interest, you should always prioritize a lead whose need fits seamlessly with your solution over a lead who is simply interested in your product/service. Salestown always prioritizes those with a high fit over the ones with high interest. It is best to stick to leads whose pain points are seamlessly alleviated by the product/service, your company provides.

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Our Sales CRM team also considers leads based on the lead source. Salestown keeps a track of all leads and helps refine the lead scoring and have a better understanding of numerous prospects that deserve the client's focus. Thus, making it easy for every client when it comes to prioritizing leads for their business.

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