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SalesTown is a user-friendly Sales CRM and aims to give every client a personalized touch as if it was made just for them. Any organization dealing with various clients and Lead channels can use SalesTown. The clients can use this favorable platform to their advantage by feeding the data according to their suitability and ease. The SalesTown work page provides an effortless Lead display for you to customize your Field, Pipeline stages, and Filter the Leads as per your requirement.

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Lead Board Navigation

After you Sign Up or Login with us, SalesTown's work page will be displayed, where you have an option to add new Leads, making the client database. You may also customize the fields in the form to your convenience. SalesTown also lets you choose who can view the new Leads and displays the stages in order.

SalesTown offers you the advantage over customizing your pipelines too. You may change the name, add or delete stages, make new pipelines. You can also see the list of all your pipeline names and stages on the work page itself.

SalesTown offers a predefined number of stages which are more likely to suit the majority of business organizations. However, you can always tailor-make the stages according to your preference.

Organize Lead Pattern

You can view your Leads according to the status of each one of them. You can also display the Leads according to multiple Lead-type categories, i.e., Open Leads, Won Leads, Lost Leads, and Deleted Leads. You can also filter the Leads based on their time frame, i.e., Leads, which are a month old and the Leads, which are three months old. Moreover, you can filter the User too against the numerous filtered Leads. You can choose to view the Leads of different users by applying the same number of filters across each of them.

Running a Business is Not Easy

With SalesTown, you can manage your work, save your time and money. This user-friendly tool makes you stay organized all day and accelerate sales.
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Our SalesTown offers a user-friendly platform of Sales CRM with a variety of custom features
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