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To help users manage your workflow everywhere, Sales Town allows users to access their leads on a single touch through Android and iOS applications.
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Walk Alone with Data

You can access your data from anywhere in the world and that too anytime. Bingo! Your data is just a few clicks away from you now.

The aim of salestown CRM remains to multiply your comfort and provide solutions to your concerns. As a matter of fact when we say mobile app and integration to work on go, we actually mean to say our software is walking hand in hands with you to enable flexibility in working processes and offer comfort level to end users.

Mobile App Integration

Mobile app integration is the process of connecting multiple apps using an interface to optimize or multiply the outputs of workflows and exchange data. For successful use of mobile app and integration our software is flexible enough to allow every user to get integrated with apps that are necessary to implement solutions against their organizational concerns.

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Why Would I Need Mobile App Integration?

In order to match up with the fast pace of current era it goes essential to optimize ourselves in terms of technology and reach out to our users in the best possible way at the earliest. Upgraded technology with respect to specific apps allows you to save on time and produce better results. It also saves admin leg work and helps in reduction of cost accordingly.

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Benefits of Mobile App & Integrations

On a clear note it is like function of an individual app may vary with respect to its workings and every user gets connected to a particular app as per their preferences as mentioned under

  • For collecting leads

  • For responding to customers quickly via email, chat, calls etc

  • for managing customer service via support tickets

  • For upgraded reporting facilities

  • For cloud computing

  • For storing data and much more.


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