Manage Every Lead & Deal

A lead is an agreement between an organization and company which will turn out to be a source of revenue for the company. With Sales Town, you can manage your lead movement and track your every activity.
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Lead Management

Our software allows you easy navigation on the lead board with respect to performing actions like adding a lead, stating current status of the lead while tracking it, allocating pipeline to the leads as per their current stage of working and allowing customization with respect to the pipeline settings so that you are able to set a pipeline as per your style of working process

Lead Personalization

When it comes to manage every lead and deal our CRM gives you privilege to give a personal touch to every deal with respect to a systematic follow up schedule. It allows you to set reminders on every lead in regards to getting connected with the customer by means of calls, emails, tasks and meetings. Your scheduled activities get updated automatically in the calendar which further benefits you to set upcoming schedules by keeping existing ones in view.

Deal Management images

All About Leads

Our CRM facilitates you in regards to managing every lead and deal by giving it a quality touch of personalization and making every user feels important. It makes sure that you track leads in an organized manner and do not lose any opportunity.

It helps you to keep your pipeline clean and junk free by helping you in working out the probabilities of the leads.


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