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Lead Collector

The Lead collection describes the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service to increase the number of Leads. The Lead collection is critical to every business organization these days. That is why SalesTown chose to adapt automatic Lead generation to avoid human forgetfulness and errors.

The Lead collection often uses digital channels and social media techniques to get an abundance of information readily available. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc.

Websites, Blogs, and E-mails are the most relevant platforms to gather Leads for your business. The Lead Management process involves Lead capture, engaging with them, and sending the qualified Leads to the sales team. However, modern Lead Management Systems help to map the entire Lead Management Process from capture to conversion.

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SalesTown helps you to capture Leads from an online channel and third-party websites. The Leads are then integrated with E-mail, qualified through Lead scoring, and distributed based on parameters set by you. You can even track and prioritize the best Lead sources.

SalesTown - A Social Hub

SalesTown realizing the importance of social integration with a sales CRM comes equipped with features that bring up no risk of Lead drainage. An automatic form set by SalesTown will be generated, which will help the clients to get Leads. Anyone who fills the form will act as an active Lead for the client and will automatically be collected by SalesTown application from numerous platforms.

Running a Business is Not Easy

With SalesTown, you can manage your work, save your time and money. This user-friendly tool makes you stay organized all day and accelerate sales.
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