IVR Integrate
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We may excel in different chapters of business but accurate predictions for the sales definitely gives a crystal clear view of where we stand in terms of business management so concept of revenue forecasting acts as a boon in nutshell.

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IVR Integrate
IVR Integrate

IVR means Interactive Voice Response that helps both the sales agent and the clients/Customers who are calling into the contact/support center. It actually focuses on giving a comfortable journey to the customers and does not allow all such scenario’s where a customer could get frustrated by roaming around pages, articles and blogs. Provision of personalized experience remains must in every business so inquiry calls straightway provides solution to the customers against their problems.

IVR - Working Process

Our CRM is integrated with the IVR system, in which callers call on a predefined number and system plays personalized messages based on the available CRM details and guides the caller to get required information or to take a desired action, which means that caller can find the necessary information regarding any issues related to sale forecasting, pipeline customization, scheduling, Reporting and much more. It basically gathers information and routes calls to the appropriate recipients.

This solution can be used to provide more engaging services to the clients and help them reach out to the desired results.

IVR System use available user data and based on that data it will provide IVR prompts.

IVR Integrate

IVR - Next To Creating Wonders

It uplifts selling opportunities, promotes sales management and delivers personalized services.

It improves customer satisfaction and goal conversion. One can say that it acts as a source of fuel which helps in running the overall business processes further. Our every prompt response can do wonders and bring us close to win-win situations always.


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