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App Integration

Integration means nothing but union of things and when we talk in terms of integrate apps with respect to our SalesTown CRM it means our software will provide you the ease to integrate with any number of applications(whether new or old ) you want, to unlock a new mode of communication with prospects.

Every business expert knows how important it is to maintain healthy lead board on a constant pace to do justice to the overall investments. Our aim remains to assure quality to our users with respect to the flexibility of our software that can integrate apps conveniently.

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Benefits of Application Integration

  • Data Sharing and Management Progression

It promotes the interconnectivity within several sections of an organization by enabling to access to all stored information collected by business applications and removing data processing duties.

  • Computerization of Work Flow

It improves the comfort level on the grounds of improving business production and also promotes transparency in terms of watching work flow. For example you can use the CRM customer data to begin any marketing campaign and create reports accordingly to monitor its productivity.

  • Adaptibility in it Market

It allows the organization to develop IT Facilities when they go with the policy of integrate apps and also facilitates them to communicate with their prospects at the earliest. It organizes and streamlines the business processes by better functionality of many applications into an easy to use interface.

  • Facilties in Single Roof

Applications from a single interface can help an organization to update contact books, Prestige management issues, provision of faster modes of communication, provision of connectivity with supply chains and much more.

  • Expanding Productivity

It expands productivity of an organization by multi-functioning like easy and faster communication, time and energy management, organized functionality, unlocking and responding to new opportunities, allows organization to realize the benefits of their investments, allows to check team performance on individual basis and much more.This amount of multi-tasking leaves a positive effect on the expanding of productivity.


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