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What else you required? Admin can analyze and see the report of every lead created in the Sales Town. Whether it is lost or win lead and also see the activity reports.
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Salestown Reporting Specialities

When it comes to forecasting sales and viewing overall sales progress, no business expert would like to take chances and hence develops the necessity to bring up In-depth analytics & report. Every organization aims to follow an organized strategy that ensures to display accurate results with respect to their sales process and development on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Salestown CRM introduces a creative and customized platform where you can manage your routine work systematically by keeping a constant watch on your workings that automatically get updated in your system and allow you to view reports on daily basis in regards to lead, activity and team/sale performance.

Custom Reports

Reports can be made as per the requirement of a particular business as far as In-depth Analytics & Report is concerned. It is like provision of a monitor which displays your work performance for a specified section on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Different cases of requirements do call for demanding different reports as mentioned under

Case 1: If you need a detailed report on lead collection you can get a report on how many leads your lead dashboard gets from lead collector platforms on a regular routine.

Case 2: If you want to check particularly on working of leads with respect to its status you can go for complete lead report that will show open leads, closed leads, expected closed date of leads, won probability, lose probability, conversion rates etc.

Case 3: If we are particularly looking for checking out the systematic follow up done on leads with respect to scheduled activities you can go for daily activity report. It will show you how many activities had been planned by different sales reps/managers on leads assigned to them with respect to call, task, email and meeting.

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Benefits of In-depth Analytics & Report?

It is too important for an organization to understand the information in its system and manage who all has access to it otherwise the company may fall into numerous risks.In this competitive world no organization would like to lose their customer’s trust by risking their personal data as it can hamper business and call for the legal activities. So with every new breathe, every organization opts for changing and reviewing the ways regarding how they are doing business online and how is privacy & security taken in consideration. Common Changes may include under mentioned variables

  • It will always help you in forecasting sales accurately by viewing the overall sales report day-wise, month-wise and year-wise. There is no space for blind prediction in this current business world so looking out for provisions to get true sales insights becomes an important factor.

  • It will allow watching your team’s performance on an individual level and work out the difficulties with an individual personally regarding understanding of working processes.

  • It ensures that you never miss an opportunity by keeping your activity follow up chart in front of your eyes.

  • It allows you to mark the loopholes and prepare new strategies against it.


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