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Salestown provides a Hassle free data migration as like it is mentioned in the title itself. We follow a strict and organized procedure when it comes to maintain reputation of our company. Our CRM makes sure that all the existing data of a user is transferred perfectly without any error and within a very less time. It can transfer any stored data with respect to the leads, activity, contacts, organizational database and much more. Our users enjoy peace of mind by availing a permanent one shop stop solution.

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automatic lead collector images


Organizations that look for Hassle free Data Migrations are looking for methods to optimize, innovate, and update their current application resources to the latest technology available on the cloud platforms. The important aspects that triggers their discussions on shifting workloads are:

  • Finding an perfect alternate solution to the software that has a age limitation constraint often triggers users to look out for the Hassle free data migration.

  • Facing a drawback of not availing the benefits of cloud with respect to the countless unmatchable services it offers.

  • Demanding customization with respect to the architecture of a particular working style.

  • Need for the adaptation of application innovation, creativity and flexibility.

  • Efficient security management


In the current competitive world every organization looks out for the options that could deliver faster results. This concept brings cloud computing in front of their eyes and they look out for a platform where they get a personalized attention for resolving the concerned issues. They start counting on migrating their data from their premises to a new forum for under mentioned reasons:

  • Storing your data in our Crm Cloud can allow you to avail enhanced security levels with respect to your data. You will no more worry about safety issues of data.

  • It can be very much cost effective as one time investment will lead to a lifetime solution since no need to spend on purchasing of any in house hardware for storing data

  • It provides upgraded reporting facilities to allow business hubs to remain updated with the accuracy of returns they are getting on their investments.

  • It allows app integration as per the current requirement of the company which accelerates the processes related to receiving and serving of clients.

  • It allows you to work from any place of the world anytime since cloud storage is active as soon as you are connected to the web.


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