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Facilitates Email Sync

E-mail is one of the most important and popular media to communicate with your work-related professionals or to stay in touch with an old friend. The use of an E-mail has been ever-growing for a decade and is likely not to get replaced. There are various platforms available for sending an E-mail. One can have numerous accounts on those different platforms.

SalesTown provides the potentiality of integrating e-mail platforms with our Sales CRM. Now there is no need to switch between your SalesTown application and an E-Mail application. Having a Sales CRM that integrates with E-mail is of much help than anyone could have ever imagined. Users can save a lot of time by using a Sales CRM with an E-mail syncing facility. You don’t have to switch apps to write an e-mail or connect with another end user. You can simply Sync your E-mail with SalesTown and connect to your Lead or potential client.

Facilitates Email Sync
Multiply your Comfort

Multiply your Comfort

You can effortlessly sync your E-mail right from the dashboard. After you Signup or Login, you will be able to spot at the top of the SalesTown Landing page, a Mail icon, just as shown here. After you click on it, you will be asked to mention your E-mail Id and the password. Once you are done with filling the details, your E-mail will automatically get synced with SalesTown. You can then use your E-mail Id to contact any of your users directly. With this feature, SalesTown intends to help its clients, save time, and work more methodically. You will no longer have to switch between various apps to schedule meetings or contact clients.

Provision of E-mail Samples

The SalesTown also offers E-mail samples that save a great deal of time. Users will no longer need to worry about writing professional e-mails and spend time over things such as the writing format, spellings, etc. to make a good impression. One can choose from the suggested samples, i.e., Schedule a meeting, Deal Closure, or Negotiations.

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