Increase your Conversion Ratio by Scheduling Activity on Every Lead

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Perfect Schedule Master

What if you could have a locomotive assistant with you at all times? Who could feed you with your upcoming activities like meetings, lunches, and other events relating to your potential Users! One who could remind you of your routine work and upcoming events! Without having to pay massive amounts for an assistant, wouldn’t it be blissful to have someone tell you of your forthcoming engagements?

We are sure you are dreaming of having one, but don’t want to get involved in the tedious process of hiring, taking the interview, negotiating, etc. But don’t worry, SalesTown has got your back. Along with being an effective Sales CRM, SalesTown accomplishes the need for having an assistant.

SalesTown features a practical component that helps every User, note all their activities regarding every Lead. It is just like having an assistant, who tracks all your past, present, and future engagements.

conversion images
conversion images

Manage Activities on Dashboard

You can add the upcoming activities concerning your every Lead straight from the dashboard.

After you Signup or Login, all your Leads will be displayed on the activity section where you can edit, update, or change information of your Leads or their pipeline. On the work page itself, where all the Leads are mentioned, you will be able to spot a little symbol, as shown here, at the bottom right side of every Lead. Note that the symbol mentioned at the bottom right side of the Lead will change once you specify the activity, indicating the upcoming event. As shown here, when no activity is mentioned, the symbol was yellow, and as soon as the activity is taken into account, it turned into a green flag. This difference between the symbols also lets the User get a definite hint of the acknowledgment of an upcoming activity. Once you click on the symbol, a Lead-in form will open, just as shown here. The Lead-in form will have a mini-calendar showing the present date.

Easy to Go Scheduling

One can add the activity at any time of the day by clicking at the desired time. You can also change the date by clicking on the arrow above it, showing the previous and the next day available slots. Right beside the Calendar, you can fill the purpose, title, date, time, and description of the activity. Once you have filled all the details, you can click on the Add Activity Icon to save the activity. These activities will be mentioned in the Calendar which is also visible on the dashboard.

Running a Business is Not Easy

With SalesTown, you can manage your work, save your time and money. This user-friendly tool makes you stay organized all day and accelerate sales.
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