Controls Over Leads & Deals of Sales Management

Users can customize their lead by arranging the order or adding new fields to the pipelines.
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Powerhouse of Lead

It provides you with lead data that automatically appears on your lead dashboard and hence controls over leads and deals of sales management in a very efficient manner.

Gone are the days when sales people were needed for leg work in getting every single lead. Now you can just overcome that part of admin cost and cherish the advantages of one time investment with our Salestown CRM.

Detailed Lead Information

It assures to hold visitors on your website by creating interest in them with activities like Chat bots, IVR prompts and allows them to be your prospects as soon as they sign up with you. This signing up will allow you to access to the personal information regarding the prospect. Now you can accordingly reach out to them via email, call and social networking sites they are linked with.

It gives you opportunity to understand your clients profile and connect with them to provide solutions against their concerned problems.

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Quality Leads

Now a day’s buyers educate themselves before inquiring so they can most of the times be specific about their requirements which could define the lead quality in terms of clarity. This will definitely help you in uplifting conversion rates as the incoming of leads would be marked under chances of the won-won probability.


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