Automatic Calendar Scheduling Based on your Activity

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Calendar-A Boon to Business

In the business environment, it is critical to keep track of meetings and other professional engagements, as they reveal the gravity of sincerity with work. Therefore, it gets crucial for every professional to be aware of their upcoming events and show up on time for meetings and work. One such app that lets us become aware of our future commitments is the Calendar.

Calendar-A Boon to Business
Calendar Automation

Calendar Automation

SalesTown provides the advantage of automatic Calendar scheduling based on the activity you feed in.Once you mention any activity for a particular Lead, it automatically gets scheduled on the SalesTown Calendar. Therefore, you will not have to switch apps or feed in the information on your Calendar and a Sales CRM separately. SalesTown Calendar also indicates holidays or any special occasion as it is synced with the Google Calendar thus displays the existing National Holidays and Festivals. The SalesTown Calendar also provides information based on your activities like Upcoming Activity and Overdue Activity.

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