Why Is CRM Integration Important

By SalesTown | March 25, 2020

Customer Relationship Management

It remains a common goal and aim of every company to go for long lasting relationships with their customers, and reach out to meet the terminology as  “customer retention”.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is all about maintaining healthy terms between you and your customers. It will always help you to hold your potential customers by engaging them in more effective way.
When you know your customers well with respect to their needs, queries and complaints, it goes very easy to assist them specifically. You cater to their issues with exact solutions and bag positive reviews.

“Strengthen your business roots by nourishing your customers


Integration in general means brought together and when it comes to explain CRM integration, it is a method to add on functionality of CRM software to bring more ease in entertaining customer relationships.

CRM can get integrated with many apps to provide more advantages to sales and marketing departments.
These departments cater to the customer service directly. App Integration allows more flexibility to your CRM software by acting as a interface for many Apps instead of keeping the workings of CRM limited to storing customer’s Data exclusively.

Why APP Integration Matters?
Be it any business we talk about, App Integration makes a difference and your services become more efficient and faster.
It makes your mode of communication with customers better and brings out other advantages in the baggage as mentioned under;

1. Automation of many applications reduces admin legwork so App Integration presents itself as a cost effective medium for the company.

2. Integrated apps allow a company to check accurate day to day sales report that can help in actual sales forecasting. As soon as you start working on exact figures rather than dwelling on assumptions, you get clear pictures of success and failure in your ongoing business.

3. The systematic work alignment with respect to many apps helps to mark the position of loopholes within internal departments. It is easy to rectify the problem, once we know where the problem is.

4. Customer service gets improved by reaching out to your customers at the earliest.

5. Data can be updated and monitored accurately that does not allow you to miss any opportunity.

6. You can sustain the market competition by adhering flexibility to your CRM technology.

Integration can make your software multi-functional and can be worked out in following ways;


Marketing Automation Integration

This very much helps the marketing people to generate leads. You get leads on your lead dashboard as soon as a customer signups with you on your website or fills web forms as designed in your marketing campaign. You can keep uplifting your lead count with this lead collector resource and get connected to more and more network of customers since their personal data gets stored in your CRM system.
It allows you to engage the footfall nicely as soon as they step on your website and holds them with features like chatbot etc to develop interest in them. This generates a quality lead.

Email Integration

This can bring a very healthy way of entertaining and engaging customers. It can give a very personalized feeling to every customer as resolving their core issues specifically and instantly sets a good example of customer care.
Automation of mail is really an effective marketing tool as it caters to client’s hospitality constantly and pays attention to them as desired.


Calendar Integration

It is the best tool for sales team that never allows sales agents to miss any opportunity. All fixed activities in regards to leads get automatically updated in this calendar. This further facilitates you to fix new appointments accordingly by keeping existing ones in view.
It avoids confusions of any kind and allows you to reach out to your potential clients timely. Reminders remain parallel to your memory that ensures the completion of your routine work.

IVR CRM Integration

You definitely get contact details of customers from CRM but providing customer support in the form of call centre is a resource that satisfies your customers in the most appropriate way and generates a good will for the company.
They get a close feeling of human involvement and stay connected. By verbal interaction customers develop more faith and interest. It provides them with quick solutions and the sales of the company gets hike on a faster rate.

Social Media Integration

It allows you to evaluate and get connected to the customers closely by knowing them well on their social sites like, face book, LinkedIn twitter, Instagram etc. You can gather more information about your customers regarding their likes and dislikes by measuring their conversations.
You also get to know; what is customer’s opinion about your brand as compared to your competitor. A close study of customers definitely improves upon the lead quality.



Why Is CRM Integration Important CRM Integration CRM Integration Important



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