Marketing Automation

By SalesTown | June 26, 2020


If we have to explain about what is Marketing Automation, we can say that it happens when marketing processes or marketing campaigns are carried out through various channels automatically. It can be well described as a sub division of Customer Relationship Management(CRM) that caters to overall segmentation, scheduling and tracking of marketing campaigns. The marketing automation allows running of workings quickly and smoothly. It would bear more time ,energy and cost comparatively if work is carried out manually. It is basically a tool that allows an individual to perform time bound marketing by carrying three factors in loop;



In order to perform well under the current market strategy and customers, marketing automation tools are designed.

It allows marketers to reach out to the customers from a single platform to various channels. Marketing Automation mostly caters to;

Lead Generation
Lead Nurturing
Lead Scoring
Cross-Selling and Up-Selling
Customer Retention

Let’s understand the main components of Marketing Automation to know about marketing automation from root level;

Marketing Intelligence
It is a strategy of marketing that uses tracking codes to track the behaviour of the buyer on social media, web pages etc. It can also record and track which social media group they followed more and their clicking on links during site navigation reveals about their choices and interests. So basically tracking multiple links helps in understanding customer behaviour. It helps organizations to get connected with a quality lead more effectively and efficiently. 

Marketing Automation
As like you know by now, that marketing automation caters to providing leads for the sales funnel. Leads are scored by following activities of the buyer and these are further nurtured through business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) organized communication.

Work-flow Automation
It caters to different internal marketing processes that includes budgeting, planning, work-flow automation, team collaboration,digital creation and management that helps to improve the operational efficiency. To set up such complex workings through tools and components of a system, CRM software is a must. It allows a marketer to deliver relevant content to the buyers as per the need of the time.


It is very important to understand what allows marketing automation to come in existence. There are many factors that arise the need for it. Lets know them step by step;

1. Your Customer List is too big?
Do you have a lot of customer flow in a way that your inbox remains full of hundreds of emails? If yes, then it is a good news but how are you justifying every email with respect to quality which is essential to sustain the current success?

Your marketing software will ensure email prioritization and completion timely with the help of systematic marketing funnel strategies and tools.

2. Your Customer List is too small?
It is an aim of every business to generate more leads and if they are less in count, marketing automation can work as a boon since it will allow to get connected with huge volume of leads from different marketing campaigns.

3. Not getting Customers in spite of having good content
Marketing automation will connect the right audiences with your content by tracking the buyers with respect to their interests.


Analysis of marketing campaigns and a close study of buyers through this strategy.

Effective customer data organization and moving prospects into customers.

Integration with multiple channels like email, social media, support tickets etc allows to engage customers properly thereby helping in lead scoring.

Provision of campaign performance report by comparing lead collection with lead conversion.

Delivering personalized experience for the customers.

when we gather all the personalized experience of customers we get overall customer journeys. Marketing automation is a medium that makes every customer experience a desired and fulfilling journey.
Integration of Mobile Messaging happens with email, social media through Sms, pop up notifications etc. Tracks the customer traffic and generates digital Add’s accordingly at the right time. Marketing automation helps in tracking customers, identifying their needs, approaching them with solutions and retaining them with quicker services. You can reach out to your customers anytime and find out under which stage you had to fulfill their requirements to turn prospects into potential customers.

The simplified interfaces of Marketing Automation controls digital marketing strategy at just one place. It’s ease of use allows to finish complex workings with just few clicks. It helps to schedule , create and manage user efficiently from the same interface.

It also helps to evaluate the lead progress and optimize accordingly. You can very well set your goals to cater to sales growth chart.

It gives you an unlimited access to get connected with a huge volume of customers.


Marketing Automation
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