How To Recruit Sales People

By SalesTown | April 28, 2020

Sales play a magnificent role and to focus on all the activities related to it becomes a primary need. As per the demand of the current business era, it is important to shake hands with a technology like CRM to uplift sales score similarly, it is equally important to pay attention towards the recruitment of sales agents.


Sales people are the one who speak for your product and advertise your efficiency in the market.

They are the ones who update you with ongoing market trends and bring out the essentials to sustain market competition.

They are the people who keep customers engaged and deliver the required services.

They are like face of the company as they provide information about the company products and policies, whenever inquired.
They are the ones who in spite of facing conflicts and grievances of customers, manage to come out it by providing solutions in difficult situations.


Is it so? If yes, then it is a pleasure if you experience the same in business.

Let’s say, if CRM is our car then a good sales person is its driver and combining their mutual efforts you can experience a smooth sales journey.
We cannot deny the fact, that the performance of a sales agent can either reinforce or dampen the sales joints. To witness a satisfactory performance you have to take action on time and make out sales oriented characteristics while enrolling a sales rep in your team.

Let’s understand the complete process of recruitment that may help you to achieve bigger on a longer run.


The key responsibilities should be clearly mentioned instead of providing information in a cursive pattern. Job profile features should be well briefed with respect to;
Tasks to be performed
Product to sell
Salary structure
Company benefits and norms

You can summarize expectations in a such a way that it attracts a deserving candidate to accept the day to day challenges of this profile.
A candidate should be able to visualize his/her professional growth in the company and get tempted to join.
You should be able to generate curiosity by promoting experience and learning factor.
They should get aspired with the approaching style of the company and remain clear about demands and expectations of the company as well.
Highlighting the key features of the company will always help you to stand out in the industry and grab the attention of the best candidate.


Now, this is the section where you should be clear within yourself about what qualities would you prefer in a sales representative specifically.
Here, please do not get confused with what you did in the first step “add for job description” as it stated hiring profile requirements and now you are interested to know about the traits that a CV can’t explain ever.

Is candidate a good package of verbal and written communication skills?

How efficiently can the candidate handle and navigate through the difficult situations.

Does the candidate have prior sales experience or an experience of initializing project; it will help to monitor ‘what is his understanding on how to deal with the root problems in sales journey?


Is the candidate open to the flexibility or his rigidity makes him think, he is just perfect. A flexible candidate with good acceptance can meet the desired results else it can deteriorate the complete work atmosphere.

A most wanted quality in a sales person would be the approach towards the situation. Check it, whether they are optimistic or pessimistic. You may or may not win a deal but consistency of positive approach is a must factor.

You can look for a candidate who has zeal to achieve targets and gets interested in extra benefits. A little competition will always keep your team active and candidates will improve their performances eventually.



It would be a real good idea to put a test in front of the candidate to check the written and verbal selling skills.

You can tell to give a demo on selling of any product and check the convincing skills. It will assure you about the expressions. One really has to be expressive if it comes to selling because customers keep eyes on both; the product and the one who is describing the product. You can watch closely how much he could get connected with you emotionally while selling.

Candidate could be asked to describe any product in written also to check his expertise on the language, as a agent has to communicate through his writing to the customers most of the times

You can ask them specific questions related to the sales funnel to gauge their understanding on the sales;
How can we close the deals faster?
What is the difference between a prospect and a deal?
How can we measure the probability of a deal?
What matters to run a smooth sales process?
What promotes sales?


The last and the final phase of your hiring would be holding the best candidate. If the candidate had cleared all the exams then it is the time to offer him with the best in the industry.

You can tell them about what all benefits would the company provide with respect to rewards, perks, bonus, coupons, reimbursements etc.

You can make sure you are deciding on them within one or two days as no one will resign from their existing jobs until and unless they get an offer letter from the other company.

You can involve the sales representative in training and orientation program for first three days and then make him join sales process.

It would be profitable for the company if your sale representatives work on the sales CRM and deliver a magnificent sales growth.


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