How Sales And Marketing Affects Leads

By SalesTown | May 06, 2020

Lead is an individual or a business owner who is interested in purchasing or inquiring about the product that you are selling. Lead is simply your customer and the customer word itself reveals its importance in every trade. Whenever comes the talk of Leads/customers, it goes mandatory to work out the strategies for sales and marketing departments to perform better towards them. Each department has its own roles and responsibilities and their overall performance defines the success or failure story for a business.


Marketing caters to bringing in leads from various platforms and sales department caters to conversion of the same lead as a final deal.
Let’s understand the evolution of marketing that had happened within the industries and had brought up two ways of marketing patterns as of now;

Every business starts working on the marketing strategy from day one and for the same a typical pattern is followed to get attention of leads or customers.  The commonly used methods in traditional marketing are stated as under;
Effective Advertising
Referral Systems
Public Relation and Media
Brochures and pamphlets
Exhibition and trade shows
Agent leg work

All these methods are followed to bring awareness among the people and the society about the characteristics of the product.

once you get connected to the CRM, you ease out your life since you are connected to the globe while sitting at just one place.
CRM can facilitate you with provision of leads by collecting them from your website and from various Social Media platforms as stated under;
Web Page/Web Forms
Face book,
Linked in

Comparing the two methods, you will realize that the second method makes a big difference when it comes to management of time, energy and work production. It allows the sales agents to focus completely on conversions since collected leads get automatically displayed on their CRM lead dashboard.
The process instantly binds you with a huge network.

Quality lead is an outcome of best marketing campaign
Marketing campaign allows you to study and understand your customers/leads closely and also helps to bring out the potential customers who are very much interested in your products.


Sales come next after marketing and its service effectively caters to under mentioned areas;
Approaching the customers,
Engaging the customers,
Providing desired solution to the customers and
Satisfying the customers.

Let’s understand the evolution of sales strategy that had happened within the industries to remain updated on which method hits the lead conversion more.

Traditional sale pattern basically includes inbound marketing and companies who follow this concept go with the idea of inbound sales. This pattern of selling is sale centric completely.

As a matter of fact the resources are limited and growth with sales depends mostly on the assumptions and theories. Now a day’s people prefer to shop in a different way and this churning of system had forced the organizations to change their mind set up. They are looking out to merge with new technologies for a perfect sale solution in totality.

If you allow your agents to work on sales CRM you will bring a discipline among them towards attending every lead systematically. The organized pattern allows them to work smoothly in the sales pipeline by highlighting factors like lead personalization, follow-up strategy and finally lead conversion.

Sales Pipeline:
The CRM provides you a sales pipeline that is build with a grid of different stages and as per the current status of your lead, you can place it in the respective stage. The norms for the division of stages is marked as under;
Lead in
Contact made
Need Defined
Proposal Made
Final deal Negotiations.
The purpose of sales pipeline gets well justified by bringing two more aspects in view;

Lead Personalization:
It remains a aim for every customer to get VIP treatment.
Fortunately, a sale CRM caters to customer engagement in the most efficient way. It allows reaching out to the customer via email, call, messages and chats to inquire about their queries and cater to their desires. It ensures serving of customers at the earliest.

Follow-up Pattern;
The agent is never going to miss an opportunity as scheduling activity on every lead accompanied by follow–ups maintains a proper work curriculum.  The overdue reminders pop up to make sure, work is carried out timely on scheduled activities of leads. Also, calendar automation tool allows viewing the updated chart of overall activities, to make it easy for the agent to schedule new appointments.

Lead Conversion;
To qualify a lead it goes mandatory to go through the systematic workings of sales pipeline . Leads come under Won category, if you meet the expectations of the customer, else are considered Lost. Sales CRM allows you to seize the opportunity and qualify the leads efficiently through the comfort of its tools and components.



How Sales And Marketing Affects Leads
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