A Close Study Of Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

By SalesTown | May 23, 2020


Interactive Voice Response is an automated tele-communication technology that interacts with the customers and gathers the desired information by switching the calls to the appropriate customer support call agent.

With modern IVR Technology, you can record the voices and messages and these prerecorded messages can assist your customers escalating the need of a live operator.


The functionality of IVR brings ease to the life of end-users. As soon as the users contact your contact center, they get a welcome greeting that has been prerecorded and also get information about what to press on their phone keypad to get connected with the desired department. Say for example by pressing one they may get information about the product, pressing two may take them to complaint department, three may take them to the company festive offers and so on. It reduces the operation cost and increases productivity.

The company telephone line gets connected with the computers and call center agents or customer support agents assist the callers as per their requirements.

Considering the technical aspect, the IVR system consists of;

1. Telephony Tools
2. Software Application
3. Database
4. Support Team


let’s understand the benefits you get from interactive voice response in totality.

1. Better Customer Engagement
Customer satisfaction is a prime important factor and IVR caters to it efficiently. A customer is satisfied with the whole journey of navigation that IVR creates. They appreciate the quick services, they get by following the set menu.

When calls get answered with the first ring, it reduces the wait time of the customer as well. Over all, it makes the services quick and smart for both, the customer and the agent.

2. Huge Customer Access

IVR is always available for the customer service as it performs its working 24*7. Employee availability gets marked as per holidays, working hours, breaks etc.

Its functionality allows customers to access an unlimited range of company’s data.

3. Customer Personalization

Customers love Personalization as it makes them feel special and why not, should it be so! A good hospitality attracts all.

Everyone likes to be addressed well. This adds beauty to IVR as it helps to strengthen relationships with the customers.

The caller ID information of a customer can be used by the IVR and programmed with the personalized greetings for the caller. Additionally, it can also share some other information too as well that is stored in the customer database with respect to some special occasions related to the customers like, marriage anniversary, birthday etc.

4.Highlights Brand Image

To sustain the current market competition, you may take your mind towards few tactics that could give a bigger impression about your company. The IVR enrolment makes your company look big which is bliss for start-up brands and a necessity for well known brands. A necessity for big names because they have to maintain a protocol with their image while sustaining the business competition with respect to customer

5. Error Free communication

If you will compare the traditional way of attending calls with the IVR , you will understand that how the comparison reflects work quality. In a traditional way there are chances of errors as a receptionist if stressed out with hundreds of calls, can cause miscommunication or misconnection while with IVR enrolment there are no chances of errors as menu is automatically set and prerecorded voices allow a customer to navigate easily and in the direction of his need. Customer service managers prefer using IVR to meet the client’s requirement at the earliest.

6. Increase in Production

There would be drastic increase in production as huge volumes of calls would be attended by the agents since IVR delivers service in less time. The more customer’s inquiry and grievances are handled, more they get satisfied and remain connected with the particular product and the company.
When calls are routed to the specific departments to get customers needs fulfilled it takes less time over all as queries of customers are already sorted out by the IVR system and sent to the concerned agent.


It allows services that call centers enjoy since they can provide services to their customers in a short span of time. IVR technology is an important step towards customer experience that uplifts the comfort of interaction between an organization and the company.

The customers can go for self service or can wait to speak to a agent. If the customer does not have the time for call waiting he can get a call back too. All these activities help to improve customer service more and more.

You can say that IVR broadly helps in four major ways to deliver a satisfactory customer service. It can be classified as under;

IVR for Call Routing
Self Serving Automation
Personalized Calling
Speech Recognization


The overall business process  gets streamlined as customers get benefited in various ways inclusive of getting reminders too through web applications or prerecorded voice calling system. IVR system leaves a positive impact on customer services with its capability of automation, self service technique and cost effective management.



A Close Study Of Interactive Voice Response (IVR)



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