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Managing leads can a time-consuming, cumbersome process and demands great accuracy before you can rely on them. Leading businesses across the globe trust SalesTown to help themstreamline their leads

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Working with SalesTown will give you all the advanced software tools you need to manage your clients better!Leading businesses are happy and satisfied with our software as their Sales CRM tool of choice, they tryst us to make their business better

Easy To Use

Salestown stands out by its simplicity and user-friendliness thanks to its intuitive dashboard and easily accessible Sales CRM features

Custom Analytics

SalesTown CRM software generates daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sales information reports. Not only do we provide sales reports but also accurate sales forecasts and lead reports too for customizable time periods.

Real Time Zone

Our Dashboard will show you all the available data in real-time which will give you a better picture of your sales activities.

Best In Class Call Support

Phone support is one of the most convenient ways to get support for your SalesTown services. We provide best in class phone support for our CRM product

Want To Collect Leads from Different Sources Automatically?

Manually sourcing leads from a wide variety of channels is time consuming and tedious which makes it inefficient and vulnerable to human error. Not only that, but you also don’t want to lose a single lead as leads determine the success of your business to a great degree. Thanks to SalesTown you can now:

  • Collect Leads from a variety of online and offline sources
  • Make the Lead Collection Process Automatic

How to Automatically Nurture and Revive Leads?

SalesTown lets you nurture existing leads and revive old leads as well. Considering the importance of leads in a business, the SalesTown CRM lets you perform the following crucial tasks:

  • Look at lead stage with a glance thanks to color coding
  • Taking automatic steps to nurture and revive leads like send SMS

How To Stay Updated With Latest Communication Like Emails With Clients?

SalesTown CRM software helps you connect you with your clients in an omnichannel mode. You can import all your social media leads to this centralized platform and also:

  • Monitor social media channels for mentions
  • Stay in touch with customers with an omni-channel approach

Whats Our Clients Said About SalesTown

Start working with SalesTown that can provide everything you need to generate awareness, drive traffic, connect.

How To Tell Everything About Your Sales Activities At A Single Glance

Working with SalesTown will give you access to advanced CRM software tools that will help you manage your clients and leads better! Join thousands of businesses in optimizing your sales process through the use of our CRM platform.


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