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Redirect leads automatically to the relevant sales person based on predefined fuctions
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An Authentic way to Manage Leads

Salestown Sales-CRM aims to solve the slightest inconvenience faced by its clients. Therefore, we bring you the best solution for all lead-related issues. We as a team are equally aware of how imperative each lead is to our clients thus, taking care of all the issues that might be faced by them using any CRM. After catering to the need for automatically collecting leads and the risk of lead drainage, the only problem that clients face is the problem of lead allocation. Lead allocation makes the work more efficient and effective as it saves plenty of time for employees, which could be avoided.

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Salestown's lead distribution system allows a business to easily assign its leads to its sales team. This could be done either manually or automatically. However, Salestown provides the feature of automatically allocating leads to required Salespersons. Typically, a business may have several sources from which leads are captured. These could be through chat, website, phone, social media, events, partner websites, emails, inbound phone calls, etc.

Salestown captures all of these leads without any leakage. Once the leads are captured, our lead distribution system then checks the quality of the lead. If the lead matches the prerequisites for a good lead (defined by the business), then it will be classified as high-quality and high-priority, and a high lead score will be automatically assigned to it. Each lead then automatically gets allocated to various Salesperson who is most likely to be in charge of a particular department, relating to the lead.

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