Automated Lead Collector

Everyone in marketing looks for whether they are on the right track or their efforts actually paying off in the right direction. So here comes up our CRM with automated lead collecting feature that makes the delivery of marketing material within a lead generation process more timely, appropriate and targeted.

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Automated Lead Collector Automated Lead Collector
Automated Lead Collector

Lead Specification

It is like a clear picture that you will be benefited with more leads which no doubt provides higher potential for sales. It is also like a guarantee on your investment that you will not miss a single lead since the software tracks the time period of every lead regarding how long they stay on your every page and accordingly request them for sign up before providing more valuable content to them. It makes sure that it almost holds every visitor on your website as pop up messages do create interest among those who are doing window shopping and valuable information is provided to those who are looking out for more.

So at the end of the day it is all about grabbing every entry and converting as a lead.

Quality and Qualified Leads

  • The automation part of marketing exists to monitor your best response to the activity that your lead takes. So basically it is a process of generating good quality and qualified leads.
  • These days most of the buyers/clients are self educating thus they research the information regarding what they need to make a purchase.
  • Thanks to the ead collector with that you get more qualified leads fed straight into your pipeline around the clock from your custom chatbot and web forms.
Automated Lead Collector
  • It also helps in facilitating lead generation in word press that directly facilitates you to convert website visitors into customers.

Typically replies within 4 mins.



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